Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Back to blogging….

And I’m back…
So, just in case you’re wondering what have I been up to for the last 2 years… Here’s what:
  •           Pregnancy
  •           Baby
  •           Office
And last but not the least,

My baby is 15 months old now. And I’m enjoying motherhood to the fullest. Watching her grow up is like a 24*7 TV soap; full of excitement, drama, awe, tension, and surprises. And I'm LOVING IT!!!! 

In-between my baby, family, and office, when I manage to get some free time (for myself), I MAKE JEWELRY :) .
Yes, you heard it right. Making jewelry (and other handmade accessories) is my latest hobby. And what makes this even better.. is the fact that I joined Koyri. So, not only do I get to sell what I make, I get to learn from my friend as well.. (that's icing on the cake isn't it :D.)

So starting now, you will (hopefully) see more updates on my blog.
About what???  My baby and Koyri of course.

So stay tuned :) . 

To know more about Koyri, see 

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  1. Yay. Welcome back. Waiting to hear more on the baby and her antics here. :) :)